Canal Place Votes Unanimously to Approve River Park

May 27th, 2020

CUMBERLAND ‘” The Canal Place Preservation and Development Authority on Tuesday voted unanimously to approve the River Park plan- the latest step toward revitalizing the river area behind Canal Place into a major tourist attraction for the region.

The River Park at Canal Place will be located on the North Branch of the Potomac River near Canal Place with features to include two access points for boaters, a whitewater course, riverside trail, viewing area, parking and a fish passage ladder. Jim Christie, landscape designer with Civil & Environmental Consultants, said the attraction can work with or without the presence of the industrial dam located under the blue bridge between Maryland and West Virginia- however latest talked have centered on removing the dam. The River Park would be constructed in three phases and can be completed incrementally.

Download River Park conceptual master plan

Reported by WCBC Radio