Bridge Work Will Require a Detour

Canal Place will be making repairs to the Trestle Walk Bridge adjacent to the Shops at Canal Place, Footer’s Dye Works building and the Fairfield Inn starting Monday, July 31, 2023. For this phase of the project the contractor, chosen by the Department of General Services, will begin repairing the surface of the trestle walk primarily over the water portion of the bridge as well as repairing/repainting railings. Because of this work a detour has been put into place to help users of the GAP trail and C&O Canal towpath as to not have their trips impacted. For the safety of everyone there will be no access to the entirety of the span while this work is being performed.

We request that users of the GAP and C&O Canal follow the posted detour which can be found here. For those utilizing bikes on the trails we are requesting that bikes be walked through the grassy portion of the detour that goes around the basin. Once riders have reached trail surfacing they may resume riding their bicycles.

The contractor anticipates that the detour will need to be in place for the month of August.

In addition to the Trestle Walk Bridge project there will be brick repairs going on around the Station Square parking lot. The areas being worked on will be cordoned off and we ask that people respect the cordoned off area while work is happening.

If there are any questions please feel free to contact the Canal Place offices by using the “contact us” option on this website or calling the office at 301-724-3655.