Request for Proposal for a Project Management Team for the River Park at Canal Place

The Canal Place Preservation & Development Authority (CPPDA) is seeking a firm to take on the Project Management of the River Park at Canal Place project.

About River Park

The River Park at Canal Place is situated in Cumberland, Maryland, and includes property in both Maryland and West Virginia. It encompasses approximately 2 miles along the Potomac River, including the adjacent shorelines up to the top of the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) levee. This 2-mile stretch is located approximately 0.5 miles upstream of the Blue Bridge and extends 1.5 miles downstream to the Carpendale Trestle.

Adjacent to River Park, numerous historic properties, including the C&O Canal Towpath National Historic Park and the National Road, offer cultural significance. Additionally, tourism opportunities abound with the presence of the Great Allegheny Passage trail and the Western Potomac Scenic Railroad.

Please read the complete RFP and Appendices before applying for the position. 

The RFP can be found here

The Appendices for the RFP are:

Appendix A-1, CumberlandPhase1_Memo_20101109

Appendix A-2, Cumberland_Phase1_Attachments

Appendix A-3, Cumberland Dam Removal Letter Report 

Appendix A-4, 190-376_RiverParkFeasibilityStudy_with_Appendix 2020

Appendix A-5, Economic Impact Study WVU Extension Service

Appendix A-6, 328-386 River Park Preliminary Engineering Report_01152024_Draft

Appendix B- General Contract Provisions- Project Manager 

Appendix C- Price Proposal 

Appendix D- Bid Proposal Affidavit 

Appendix E- Contract Affidavit 

FAQs Answered:

April 24

May 3


Please Note: The appendices have been created from documentation Canal Place has received regarding this project over time.  Some documentation supersedes other documentation (modifications to plans and/or ideas).  The documentation varies in size (from 12KB to 84,605KB) and may take some time to download. If you have any issues please reach out to Canal Place.

The deadline for the proposal is Noon, May 15, 2024. Questions and the electronic submissions must be sent to

Minority Business Enterprise companies are encouraged to bid.

The CPPDA has the right to accept or reject any and all proposals.