FY22 Grants Awarded – Mini Grants Available

The Hogan administration recently announced a total of $314,550 in Maryland Heritage Area (MHAA) funding to projects located in the Passages of the Western Potomac Heritage Area. The Canal Place Preservation and Development Authority that administers the heritage area program in Allegany County was very pleased to learn of this funding. ‘Heritage tourism fosters economic development and job creation, while making our communities better places to live and work’, said Governor Larry Hogan.

There is a total of 13 heritage areas in the state of Maryland, and each one contributes to Maryland’s economy by saving and enhancing places that attract heritage tourists. Canal Place Heritage Area, now known as the Passages of the Western Potomac Heritage Area (PWPHA), was Maryland’s first heritage area. A recent economic impact study noted that the PWPHA generated a total economic impact of $19.5 million in Allegany County. The employment impact of the heritage area supports 273 jobs.

Organizations receiving Fiscal Year 22 MHAA funding in Allegany County include $95,000 to the Allegany County Commissioners for repairs to the Washington Street Library; $64,500 to the Allegany County Museum to install an HVAC system; and a total of $155,000 to the CPPDA for a management plan update, the PWPHA mini grants program, and for the administration of Canal Place, and the heritage area program.

The PWPHA mini grant application deadline is October 4, 2021. Please contact the CPPDA at 301-724-3655 ext. 100 for any questions to the mini grants or send the office an email through the website.

Grantees can click here for the application. Mini grant Disbursement forms can be found here.

The PWPHA Grant Program is a source of funding designed to assist and encourage the preservation of historical, archaeological, natural, and cultural resources and support economic development through heritage tourism within the boundaries of the PWP Heritage Area. The Canal Place Preservation and Development Authority (CPPDA) is the management entity for the PWP Heritage Area and therefore approves projects and administers the Grants Program. These Grants are for non-capital or programming activities only and may not be used for administrative expenses or any ‘bricks or mortar’ projects.

PWPHA Grants funding amounts will be from $500 to $5,000 with a ‘One to One’ cash match.

Eligibility Information

  1. Applicant is a local jurisdiction or non-profit
  2. Proposed project is consistent with the interpretive theme of transportation as described in the Canal Place Heritage Area Management Plan. Please contact the office for a copy of the management plan.
  3. Utilizes collaborative partnerships
  4. Enhances heritage tourism visitation
  5. Applicant can provide one to one cash match
  6. Demonstrate ability of applicant to initiate, administer and complete project within proposed timeframe, including the submission of the final report
  7. Applicant, or project location, is within the boundaries of the PWPHA (please ask if unsure if you are within the boundary)
  8. Project must not begin before the grant award is announced
  9. Applicant organization is in good standing with the state of Maryland
  10. PWPHA and the Maryland Heritage Areas Authority must be acknowledged and logos (provided by Canal Place) must appear on any materials produced or in any publicity for the funded project/program/exhibit. Failure to acknowledge as indicated may result in forfeiture of up to 100% of mini-grant award. Drafts of any printed material must be submitted to PWPHA for approval before completion.
  11. Canal Place/PWPHA reserves rights to use images and other materials connected with funded grant project/program/product, including use of printed materials in downloadable form on CP/PWPHA’s website(s) and/or social media.

Application Procedure:

Applicants should contact the heritage area Executive Director, Deidra Ritchie, to discuss potential mini grant projects before they begin the application. Applications are due (submitted via e-mail) no later than October 4, 2021. Late applications will not be accepted.

Evaluation and award selection are based on the completed application and eligible heritage area criteria. Please note: No grant funds may be expended before the date of grant award notification. All projects are to be completed by October 3, 2022 and all funds relating to the project are to be expended by the project completion date. If the Project is completed for an amount less than that reflected in the Project Budget, the amount of the Grant may be reduced and Grantee shall return all unexpended Grant funds to PWPHA. Final grant reporting requirements are to be submitted no later than October 31, 2022. Time extensions for grants may be requested in writing to the Executive Director.

Awarded grant funds will be disbursed 50% after the receipt of an invoice from grant awardees, with the remaining 50% to be disbursed after project completion and receipt of all required grant reporting and an invoice billing for the remaining grant funds. Please note: as part of grantee’s final report, grantee must provide financial documentation to PWPHA of all expenditures of PWPHA grant funds and all cash contributions utilized to meet these requirements. Grantee’s contributions may include funds derived from other non-State public or private sources; provided however, that no State funds are used for any part of the Grantee’s Contribution.

The following types of activities are eligible to receive Mini Grant funding:

Planning Interpretation
‘¢Feasibility and Planning Studies

‘¢Design Documents


‘¢Data Recovery

‘¢Other planning activities that support the Certified Heritage Area

‘¢Interpretive Exhibits

‘¢Interpretive Signage

‘¢Wayfinding Signage – Pedestrian only

‘¢Interpretive Brochures

‘¢Educational Programs and Materials

‘¢Other interpretive activities that support the Certified Heritage Area

Programming (Preference is given to new, or pilot, programs rather than ongoing activities)
‘¢Seminars ‘¢Reenactments
‘¢Conferences ‘¢Commemorations
‘¢Performances ‘¢Festivals


Time is of the essence so don’t delay-contact us today for your application!