Canal Place is Seeking Applicants for the Full Time Position of Administrative Aide

The Canal Place Preservation and Development Authority invites those interested in joining Canal Place to read the following information and apply by4:00pm, October 25, 2021. The starting salary for this position will be $35, 207.

The official State of Maryland Description of the position can be found here.

Canal Place is a Maryland, Independent State Agency with 3 positions: an Executive Director, an Administrative Officer, and an Administrative Aide. This staff of three is charged with operating the state agency. This includes all the state compliance and reporting, as well as management of the property. A contractual facilities manager and his part-time staff tend to routine maintenance and upkeep of the entire grounds. Canal Place also oversees the Passages of the Western Potomac Heritage Area (PWPHA) which encompasses over 1000 acres in the cities of Cumberland and Frostburg, Maryland, and we are in the process of expanding further into Allegany County. Canal Place is also currently working on bringing to fruition the River Park at Canal Place, which will improve the area adjacent Canal Place along the Potomac River. The improvements will consist of boating access, walking trails, fish passage, a white water course for kayaking and canoeing as well as a viewing area.

As you can tell, we are very busy here at Canal Place and we all wear “multiple hats”, so in addition to those skills outlined in the state description, Canal Place would like to see the following skills in the applicant: experience in Microsoft Office, including Excel and Word; experience maintaining and updating websites including various social media platforms; experience with marketing including some graphic design; the ability to help facilitate grants administration; be able to give fiscal support including invoicing; have great command of reading and writing skills to be be able to write and understand lease renewal and grounds use contacts; proficient in Google Gmail, as well as other duties as assigned.

The ideal candidate would have these skills as well as being able to work as part of a group (but also be able to work independently with little supervision), have tremendous personal skills (and enjoy meeting all sorts of people), can stay organized and on time with duties, is detail oriented, and is willing to jump in to help when it is needed. As a bonus it would be great to have someone that has an interest or background in history/heritage, is enthusiastic about the outdoors, and wants to help promote the local area and its benefits and beauty.

There will be occasional times when work will be outside of normal business hours (for special events on weekends, or for overnight travel for a conference during the week) so the ability to work outside of normal hours is needed.

We do need to tell you that as an agency, Canal Place is being looked at by our local elected state officials. The Task Force on Canal Place was introduced in 2018 and reintroduced in the 2020 session. These studies were done to “determine how to alter the powers of the Authority as a State agency…in order to align the mission and purpose of the Canal Place Heritage Area with that of other certified heritage areas.” According to the studies this could mean (at a minimum) that the Authority will be restructured as a state entity. The 2020 legislation can be read here.

Interested applicants should send their letter of application and resume to the attention of Dee Dee Ritchie, Executive Director, 13 Canal Street, Room 301, Cumberland, Maryland, 21502 or email our office at