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The River Park at Canal Place

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The River Park at Canal Place will transform Cumberland’s downtown, support our growing outdoor recreation economy, and drive economic impact to the region and throughout the State of Maryland. The project is located along the North Branch of the Potomac River and will complete the North Branch Water Trail. Rivers establish a major tourism resource, providing spectacular settings, recreation facilities, a means of transport, a sense of heritage and adventure, and links with the environment and natural world. Most recently, the Office of Tourism Development (OTD), advocated that tourists want to be in, near, and around water. In fact, “River Tourism” is one of the top outdoor recreational activities investigated on OTD’s website. The project will improve water quality, advance wildlife passages, provide an exciting new downtown river experience, and increase awareness for the region as a premier outdoor recreation destination.

Economic Impacts

The River Park will increase economic growth by;

  • Attracting More Consumers
  • Expansion/Creation of New Businesses
  • Additional Job Creation
  • Improved Quality of Life.

Allegany County sees 1.3 Million visitors annually. it is estimated that the River Park attraction will bring in another 1 Million visitors to the region, almost doubling the current visitation numbers. The benefits in tax revenue would approximately be $41.7 Million in State and Local taxes (_Statistic provided by: WVU Research Corp) _

Partners and Funding

Together with our partners and stakeholders the River Park Project has secured over $8 Million and has an additional $25 Million dedicated in the Capital budget.

Local partners have contributed and supported this project with over $566K

State partners have contributed and supported this project with over $1.8M

Federal partners have contributed and supported this project by earmarking $6M by Federal District 6 representatives for Engineering and Design Build of trails and parking

Partners and Contributors include; MD Heritage Areas Authority, MD Office of Tourism and Development, Allegany County Government, Allegany County Tourism Office, City of Cumberland, Civil Environmental Consultants, Army Corps of Engineers, MD Dept of Natural Resources, Town of Ridgley, Town of Carpendale, MD State Hwy Administration, American Rivers, MD Dept of the Environment

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“If we want population growth, if we want new jobs, and if we want outside business investment, we must consider what life is like after the 9 to 5.”

Ashli Workman, Tourism Director, Allegany County

“The River Park is a top priority for Allegany County.  Not only will it be transformational for the downtown but it will continue our growing synergy around outdoor recreation.

Bill Atkinson, County Commissioner, Allegany County

“I have traveled to many river towns and it does not matter Spring, Summer and Fall there are always folks in these towns spending money and this is going to be a great thing for our city”.

Eugene Frazier , City Council Member, Cumberland

” We’ve got the data, we’ve got the science, and with this kind of support I am confident that your elected officials will make sure the resources are there to complete this project”.

Robin Summerfield , Representative for Senator Ben Cardin

Contact Info

13 Canal Street, Suite 301 Cumberland MD 21502

Phone: (301) 724-3655

Web: passagesofthepotomac.org


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